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The basic principle of intelligent anti-theft alarm system

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In recent years, with the social propaganda and technology continues to achieve a breakthrough, anti-theft alarm market gradually ushered in the spring of their own. At the same time, the rise of the civilian market also to the anti-theft alarm market to bring a development opportunity. So on the basic principle of the intelligent anti-theft alarm system, do you know? Below kaipule technology personnel to introduce it:

Intelligent anti-theft alarm system using physical methods or electronic technology, can automatically detect in deployment within the monitoring area of the invasive behavior, to generate an alarm signal, and suggested that the personnel on duty in parts of the area of the alarm can be timely take measures of the system.
Intelligent anti-theft alarm system is the prevention of robbery, theft and other unexpected events important facilities. Once the occurrence of unexpected events can through sound and light alarm signal in the security control center accurately show the location, easy to quickly take emergency measures.
Intelligent anti-theft alarm system usually consists of: detector (alarm), transmission channel and alarm host is composed of three parts, and the detector is composed of a sensor and signal processing, used to detect an intruder intrusion, composed of electronic and mechanical parts of the device is key of anti-theft alarm system and sensor is the core component of the detector alarm.
Above is the today to share with you the knowledge, with the economic development, social progress, people's living standard has been greatly improved. Enjoy life and home safety become people very concerned about things. So to do home security guard, was the most appropriate nevertheless to the choice of family intelligent anti-theft alarm system.
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