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Kaipule EC50 carbon monoxide alarm for you to solve the "invisible killer -CO family"

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In daily life, family use of fire, heating, bathing will use gas, charcoal and so on, if these combustibles combustion is not sufficient, carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, no stimulation to five senses are poisonous gases, inhibit blood oxygen carrying capacity, resulting in the human body poisoning; now Co poisoning events had been a lot of places, and is still increasing. In order to solve the potential safety hazard in home, the kaipule technology company grand launch of EC50 of carbon monoxide alarm.


EC50 of independent type combustible gas detector is a kind of can be harmful gas concentration change detection, and exceeded the standard value can immediately alarm, at the same time to remind you quickly take effective measures, to protect the personal safety of the detector; the use of imported ultra low power microcontroller, high performance electrochemical sensor, with a stable, reliable, accurate and long life and other advantages.

First, product features:
1, independent of the acousto-optic alarm, LCD LCD screen, touch operation, beautiful interface, makes the installation more convenient, more easy to operate.
2, with ultra low power consumption of micro controller, high performance electrochemical sensors, intelligent control of backlight, independent of the three warning lights.
3, with the battery under voltage alarm display, smart one button operation and the battery under pressure alarm display sensor failure detection alarm function.  
4, monitoring the concentration of carbon monoxide harmful gas to alarm conditions, the detector will emit sound and light alarm instructions.

Two, operating instructions:
(1) open the back cover, the device 2 AA alkaline batteries, the screen backlight turned on 30S, more than 30S system automatically turns off the backlight to enter the power saving mode.  
(2) when press the test button, the system will turn on the power, alarm, fault flashing, buzzer sound, full screen display, screen at the same time bright, lasts 3 seconds to return to a normal state. Warning: if the indicator lamp or buzzer any abnormal, please timely maintenance, in order to avoid danger, detectors are not properly issued alarm signal.  
(3) when the QUERY key is pressed, the back light of the screen is turned on, the 1s display alarm peak, and the peak value of the alarm is maintained after 2.5s to return to the normal monitoring state, when the backlight lamp goes out.  
(4) the normal working state of the POWER power indicator flashes once per 60s, indicating that the detector is working.  
(5) ALARM alarm indicator light detector to enter the alarm state, the frequency of each 50ms flashing quickly.  
(6) fault fault light of two functions: sensor tested once per minute, if there is a fault, fault fault lamp will light. At the same time, the buzzer will even rings twice); when the voltage is lower than 2.3V, fault fault indicating lamp will be per 6S frequency flicker, and screen display undervoltage icon, you need to replace the new battery.

Three, alarm instructions
(1) when the environment of the measured gas concentration alarm set value is reached when (specific as shown below, immediately send out sound and light alarm indication, opens the buzzer, alarm indicating lamp, alarm alarm indicator light will be the frequency ringing every 50ms and shining, the system automatically open backlit screen and screen display detection concentration.
2) police intelligence processing
When the ambient air contains carbon monoxide concentration value exceeds the alarm condition detector began continuous alarm, should immediately take effective measures. 
(1) immediately open the doors and windows of the indoor air circulation; until the CO concentration is reduced to below a set value when the alarm alarm.
(2) to detect the causes of gas leakage, and promptly notify the relevant departments and related professionals.

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