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Home burglar alarm is what?

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With the promotion of living standard, people's sense of security is also a corresponding increase. But there are still some people exist fluky psychology, think thieves burglary things will happen to himself; but it was the people will have this kind of psychology, which leads to the theft incidents continue to occur, to install a home burglar alarm is maintenance of home security is the first step; so what is the home burglar alarm below by the kaipule technology personnel for everybody introduction:
Home burglar alarm is the use of imported chip, microcomputer control technology, sensing exploration, communications, computer in one of the intelligent, digital, multi function of a new generation of anti technology boutique; has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, easy to use, aesthetics, durability and other characteristics, but also has the advantages of high sensitivity, stable and reliable.
Home alarm system can be used independently, and also can alarm center network, its working principle is using physical or electronic technology, automatic detection in the deployment within the monitoring area of intrusion alarm signal is generated, and to notify the security take corresponding measures of the system according to the display position.
Above is introduced home burglar alarm, at present home burglar alarm not only for home in a small space, large space, living room, bedroom, and with the development of technology, home burglar alarm of the species is also increasing for villa and factory warehouse.
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