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Kempler was awarded the fourth China Security ten most influential brands

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With the growing rise of the concept of smart home, and ordinary people to the concept of family security and is increasingly valued. The security market, the increasingly fierce competitive environment, so in order to improve the security of enterprise visibility, by Chinese Public Security magazine, CPS network security, international brand security laboratory, China Public Security Research Institute Co sponsored the 2015 the 4th China Security top ten most influential brand selection activities.


2015 security China top ten most influential brand selection, mainly for the security industry occupies a leading position, consumers can choose a certain influence on the security product knowledge brand-name evaluation, the purpose is to create a famous brand of China's security industry, enhance the visibility of the security industry. Shenzhen kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong research and development strength, and with new research out of AD810 intelligent anti-theft suite of products won the "intelligent home ten cutting-edge products Award".


Kaipule AD810 intelligent anti-theft suit new: small volume and large wisdom to build a home security safety net
From the design, the kaipule AD810 intelligent anti-theft suit with a sense of fashion design, will undoubtedly enhance the taste of the whole family; from the functional level and the intelligence of AD810 alarm the host constructed intelligent alarm system can provide a low-power, high performance, low false positive characteristics. It is for the intelligent home application and build a set of high-tech equipment, rich sense of fashion technology design to the feeling of a "people-oriented science and technology"; set a full range of equipment, using ABS engineering plastics shell, ivory white color highlights the noble and generous, detail design consideration, process design is also very elegant.

Kaipule AD810 intelligent anti-theft features new suit: 
(1) small size, simple and beautiful; high performance processor, full voice prompts, easy to operate; GSM four band, the global application. 
(2) can be increased to 8 wireless detector, 8 wireless remote control and support four groups regular cloth / Chefang time, support three groups of alarm phone number.
(3) SMS interaction, to inform the remote alarm, remote real-time cloth / Chefang, host state settings and tips; telephone remote monitoring scene alarm.
(4) alarm tone, tone door multiselect, users can customize the recording; built-in 800mAh lithium battery, long standby.
(5) host AC power off, recovery, battery under voltage status SMS tips.

Shenzhen kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. to strive for excellence for the purpose, to the quality of survival, to the science and technology the pursuit of development, and continuously provide the most effective solutions for the customers home life, the main business products are: intelligent security system, intelligent security alarm system, family security intelligence system, intelligent safety socket, intelligent wireless remote control, infrared radiation detector, fire detection and alarm system and so on.

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