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Kempler smart home security, smart security guard around you

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In life, we are in the social environment are not safe, especially in the home environment, so many people in the choice of high-grade apartments and villas at the same time, the home security consciousness also in continuous improvement; and as a smart home indispensable part of home security system has also become a purchase is one of the important factors; then in such a competitive market, the smart home security system in which good? Shenzhen kaipule technology company is a focus on service providers provide solutions for users of home life, is your side of the intelligent security guards.


Security certification, UL, FCC, CE, Shenzhen kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a collection research and development, production, sales in one of the private high-tech enterprises, a total staff of more than 800 people, with more than 10000 square meters modern standard workshop. The company has passed ISO9001 ISO14001,3C TLC GS in the and so on a series of international and domestic quality assurance system and product safety standards, in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standard specification for production and operation, the company products by domestic and foreign customers are widely applied to the bus, car, electric car, environmental protection, bank, business, residential, hotel, villa, electric power, public security, military, road, coal mines, schools, telecommunications, factories and so on various fields.

Kempler smart home security advantage:

One, complete hardware equipment

(1) the company has security division, mold division, according to the Department of business, power utilities, such as multi sectoral collaboration;
(2) the company has SMT placement machine, reflow, wave soldering, injection molding machine, such as automatic flow and detection equipment;
(3) the design and modification of the design and modification of the product appearance;
(4) products through FCC, UL, 3C, CE, ROSH and other related certification;
(5) improve the hardware to protect the product development of a full range of industrial design.

Two, professional after-sales service
(1) quarterly sales dealers enjoy the rebate policy;
(2) to enjoy the new development of products in each quarter, the preferential purchase right;
(3) free of charge to provide the project construction scheme and the intention of the tender;
(4) providing a full set of technical training and after-sales service of the security alarm system;
(5) free multi store location, decoration, staff training and other after-sales support.

Three, a strong R & D team

(1) smart home project development team;
(2) civil security products DIY project research and development team;
(3) anti-theft alarm and domestic IPC project research and development team;
(4) ZWAVE module and ZIGBEE module project research and development team;
(5) the engineer is responsible for the preparation of the software of the product, the agreement of the connection, the program changes.

Four, strategic partner advertising support
(1) the dealer to enjoy the corresponding domestic and foreign exhibition support;
(2) outstanding dealers by the company to become a partner in the region;
(3) ad support for the treatment of the branch (the company's media advertising);
(4) to provide free access to the website, the network promotion of the relevant auxiliary support.

Shenzhen kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production, sales in one of the intelligent security manufacturers, main product line including the keys of the mobile phone accessories, power adapter and intelligent security alarm system, Bluetooth module and intelligent security products and price concessions, quality assurance, the products have been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia and other more than 50 countries and regions.

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