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Video surveillance is now the concept of both supply and demand sides need to focus

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Video surveillance is now the concept of both supply and demand sides need to focus
According to his recent 10 years on the global security market data statistics, analysis and research findings, and video surveillance products market every year to double-digit growth rate increasing. Without exception, 2014, the global market growth forecast will be more than 12%. Video surveillance can be according to the product classification, geographic area and the terminal user types divided different market. And the market growth rate to above average. From the point of view of the global video surveillance product classification, network camera market is still the fastest growing product type market. Facing the rapid growth of the development of the market, consumers in the field of video surveillance network still exist some cognitive errors.

Error 1: the image of the network video is not as clear as the simulation
Fact: camera network real-time monitoring and video playback is exactly the same, of course, screen after a digital compression processing, effect than that before the treatment of analog signal and some slight loss. And traditional hard disk recorders, monitoring and playback is inconsistent, monitoring the signal in the through the, of course, the effect is very good, and playback effect has also been compressed, the effect is good or bad depends on different manufacturers use compression techniques.
Moreover, with the development of technology, network cameras and IP monitoring technology can reach a million pixels resolution, while the analog camera due to the limitations of its technology, up to a maximum of 40 thousand pixels resolution.

Misunderstanding 2: network camera is more expensive than analog camera, IP monitor is too expensive
The fact that single price, network camera is more expensive than analog camera. But you should also see that it is the function of analog camera can not be compared, the digitization of the analog signal, image compression and transmission and intelligent control function. Compared with the cost of a monitoring system based on DVR architecture, IP monitoring than it should cheaper. For the simulation system, and not you buy a DVR, you have to buy Everything will be fine., many related equipment such as a large number of analog video cable. Also, if you want to achieve PTZ control, also need also laying many video cables, and the realization of PTZ function in IP monitoring in still it is through the network line, does not need additional cable.

Misunderstanding 3: now I installed the simulation monitoring system, not to use the IP monitoring
Fact: perhaps DVR providers want people to believe this, but in fact, the development of video server technology has bridged the gap between simulation monitoring and digital monitoring. Only the seemingly impassable analog camera received a video server, you can put the video camera to collect the analog signal is converted into digital signal after compression in the network transmission. That is to say, the video server has let analog camera network camera function. In fact, for most of the original have simulation monitoring system for users, they tend to choose this way to build IP own monitoring system, or hybrid IP network cameras and video monitoring system servers. In short, you simulate the existing monitoring system will not stop you to IP monitoring pace.

Misunderstanding 4: if all the video information is transmitted through network, it would not lead to network congestion and even collapse
Fact: if only several monitoring points, then the existing fast Ethernet (100 Mbit) can meet the demand of transmission bandwidth. The user can according to the compression ratio and frame rate to adjust bandwidth. If multiple monitoring points, we recommend that you best laid a dedicated network lines. This is quite similar with the rail traffic, once existing track lines become congested, you have to create some rail lines to relieve the tension of the line. Moreover, for large-scale enterprise applications, local network is usually Gigabit LAN, switches and routers use, can divide the network into different segments.
And function of intelligent network camera can according to the trigger event, dynamic detection and preset time conditions to choose whether or not to send video. And the need for transmission of video information is not too much, almost only 10% of the time required to transmit information, 90% of the time are without any video information transmission on the network.

Misunderstanding 5: in the network transmission of video is not safe enough
Facts: Although the network's original purpose is to make enough information of the public, however, as long as the use of correct security means, such as firewall, VPN or password protection technology. It can also be used to transfer some highly sensitive information.
In fact, many banks and financial institutions are using the network to deal with some of the world's financial things. There is no doubt, for security surveillance and remote monitoring field. It must be a reliable medium. Monitoring and digital compared, simulated monitoring of confidentiality poor many, it is almost no any confidentiality. Anyone can see the simulation system of these so-called safety information and even tampered with these information, resulting in great loss. And monitoring of IP will not occur on an absolute such things.

Misunderstanding 6: if there is a network congestion or even a sudden break, IP monitor instantly collapsed, so that it is not reliable
The fact that IP network architecture in the development of 1960s and early 70's, can provide redundancy backup function has been a huge demand.
Development to today, all kinds of storage servers, network switches, and optional routers have provided the simultaneous backup function. Storage server function is to ensure offline convenient call data, backup power supply heat exchange RAID disk, fault tolerant storage and dual NIC can help achieve redundancy backup function. Although a small network structure may won't need all these complex security measures, choose a high quality components of it is anyway than traditional CCTV solution program the VCR or DVR is much more reliable, and problems in emergency treatment to than DVR to solve scheme to save much more.

Mistake 7:IP monitoring is good, but it seems that we still have some distance away from us, at least 5 years
Fact: think now is not to application IP monitor era seems to be the crux of all the problems! Let us with concrete data to explain. Since 1996 launched the first network camera, has been successfully sold and installed 20 million units in the network camera and the number is by rapid rise, fully shows that interest to the monitoring of IP is also increasing. Because people have come to realize that, both from the point of view of the price or reliability or any other aspect, IP surveillance has been shown to be applicable both in the present it with a view to future mature solutions.

The above seven points is now easy to walk into the consumer misunderstanding. In this compelling video surveillance application era, whether consumers or suppliers, the right to convey information must pay attention to it.

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