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Internet smart home to open the civil anti-theft alarm Market

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Burglar alarm as a branch of the traditional security industry, its position in the whole security system also plays an important role. Has been, anti-theft alarm main in-depth application in government departments, financial, cultural and other fields, and in recent years, with the Internet and smart home industry integration impact, for home, shops, factories and enterprises in the civil anti-theft alarm market also is rising!

Differences in industry application market, civil anti-theft alarm mainly for family residential and small shops users, such sources of users in two aspects, one is natural growth initiative to strengthen the sense of security of user groups; the second is to rely on the project to promote, especially for home users, the real estate business to do the selling point of sale and unified installation and configuration. At the same time, the rapid development of electronic business also directly reduced the cost of users and early adopters, the development of the tertiary industry directly contributed to the civil anti-theft alarm user groups of linear growth.

Domestic civil alarm market is not yet mature

Nevertheless, in terms of the huge family units and shops base, in reality, we see a lot of shops, residential real estate, factory anti-theft alarm system utilization rate is not high. In fact, the user demand for security is urgent, resulting in civil anti stealing alarm the market to produce such a contradiction between supply and demand are mainly in the following three aspects:

First of all, environmental products for the consumer market to be cultivated. In Europe, users need to buy Home Furnishing security products, everywhere can buy home, security equipment and other Home Furnishing electronic consumer products belonging to the same daily just need supplies. In China, ordinary families of domestic security products is still in a relatively new cognitive stage, phase compared with the electronic products such as mobile phone, computer and home electronics such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, surveillance camera, burglar alarm and other home security equipment purchase channels to shrink a lot. Although there are special security stores under the line, there are a variety of online business platform available, but due to the lack of professional guidance to the consumer consumption environment. Weak cognition is still very difficult to promote the rapid development of the domestic security market, can be said that consumers need security without security awareness.

Secondly, home security system still dominated the market before, post operation service can not keep up. In the traditional concept of consumption, household appliances and consumer Home Furnishing, users always rely on on-site installation, home security system before the market, generally is the real estate business in order to increase the selling point of sale and unified installation, seemingly more stable, more secure, but the user experience is not good, as a result, almost all of them are not free upgrade, great limitations; secondly, wiring engineering not only complex, high cost, long construction period, but also affect the residential appearance. The most important is that when the system appears a little bit of a problem, the user is difficult they remove obstacles, and property companies or real estate companies are rarely willing to assume maintenance responsibility.

Furthermore, pseudo intelligent products against the customer confidence. Called product is king, channels victory, for civil security market is no exception. From the product, in recent years on the market emerged many under the banner of "smart" banner of civilian security products, in fact, the majority still use 10 years ago, in the original project machine, through small changes directly brought to sell, the product operation and installation did not improve, but only the lower prices to gain market, products of high false alarm rate, poor experience against the user confidence.

Internet security, integrated operations, research and development, supply chain advantage

For manufacturers, how to open the huge potential domestic anti-theft alarm market. This requires the products alone is enough to fit the actual, the performance of people convinced. In the model of operation and service also need a breakthrough, according to the characteristics of the type of user and our way of life, to create a customized solutions, to meet the needs of family, the actual demand of the shop.

Affected by Internet technology and smart home industry, nearly two years home burglar alarm market with rapid development. Most Internet companies that home security devices have become future consumption just need character. Therefore, it has also become mouth of they cross into the smart home industry suitable entry. At the same time, along with the more and more Internet companies in the smart home industry to get involved in, the fusion power and also to the anti-theft alarm the traditional security field to bring the industrial revolution in the impact and inspiration.

Internet companies such as 360, millet, etc.. They are good at from the user experience to work hard, and the networking industry chain enterprise interoperability, simplify the operation, enhancing the user experience, make traditional anti-theft alarm enterprises in the "air" subversive innovation; in addition, the Internet enterprise congenital publicity platform and huge fan base can form a strong brand appeal and nurturing environment mature consumer products so as to pave the way.

Of course, the real core of the Internet in operation in hardware and software products research and development and supply chain and the traditional security companies there is a big gap, which also contributed to the recent equipment manufacturers and Internet companies cross-border cooperation become popular trend. For the security industry, cross-border cooperation and the Internet will inject more new ideas for the industry to create more humane products to enhance user stickiness, the benefits of self-evident. But in terms of an enterprise, can seize the Internet bonus is by corporate executives in the degree of attention and research and development strength, team to market opportunities grasp ability factors to decide.

The visual alarm system into a trend

Failing to report of the traditional alarm products, false alarms, interference problem has been plagued by many users, pure voice and SMS alarm cannot distinguish whether false positives or negatives, which also increased the psychological burden to the user. The intelligent composite video visualization linkage security system, for the security of the leakage alarm / false alarm defect provides the latest technology solutions.

Without on-site review, convenient management, but also save manpower. Visual linkage security system, in addition to supporting high-definition network camera, also has instant networking flexibility and strong can be extended, allowing the user to on-demand free expansion of networked sensors, such as magnetometer sensor, infrared detector, smoke detector and so on, forming a seamless intelligent security network. Users go outside, carry a mobile phone is a complete system of controller, can see, listen, speak, allowing users to keep control of the home security.

With the popularity of 4G networks, visual security system linkage through mobile terminals to achieve barrier free transfer, which is of great value in the next period of time.


At present, anti-theft alarm products in the popularity of China's rate is very low, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries up to 70% of the popular rate compared to, China's anti-theft alarm market development has just started, we still continue to explore, but can foresee that the market potential demand and the scale of the future great. Especially Internet companies into the sector, the industry as a whole will pay more attention to the user experience, the market will appear more disruptive innovations.
This year, the "two sessions", Premier Li Keqiang first in the report of the government's proposed the implementation of "Internet" action plan, construction of the wisdom of the community "boom in place gradually set off these and anti-theft alarm the market very close, I believe that in the next 5 years anti-theft alarm Market will have a very large increase.
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