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What is smart home?

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With the development of social economic level, now people life the pursuit of personalized, automated way of life, and the application of computer network and communication technology, to the people's home life brought new feeling, so smart home has gradually become the focus of people's attention. Then what is a smart home below the kaipule Technology personnel for everybody introduction:


Smart home is a house as a platform, it is through the integrated use of advanced computer, communication and control technology (3C), the establishment of a by the home security system, network service system and home automation system is composed of Integrated Family Service and management integrated system, so as to realize the comprehensive security door, convenient communications network and comfortable living environment family residential.
Smart home is a versatile technology system, which includes the visual intercom, security within the family, home of integrated wiring system, lighting control, home appliance control, remote video monitoring, monitor the sound, home audio and video systems. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only to live, but also to optimize the people's way of life, to help people effectively arrange time, enhance the security of home life, and even a variety of energy cost savings.
Above is introduced the smart home, along with the development of smart home industry, intelligent life has slowly into our life, I believe that in the future there will be hundreds of millions of families build smart, comfortable and efficient home life.

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