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Smart home including what things

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What is a smart home? Believe and some friends are not very clear, in fact, smart home is a home as a platform, both network communication, information appliance, network appliances, automation and intelligent function, and system, structure, service, management and control of the various home environment; then in the smart home, including the what?? below the kaipule technology personnel for everybody introduction:


1, intelligent lighting control: achieve entered the exhibition hall is a key to open all the lights, left all the lights are off automatically mode and to adjust the brightness of the light; so no longer have to worry out home lights have not closed.
2, doors and windows magnetic sensor: both real time to know whether to forget to close the doors and windows, but also in the security status of windows and doors to achieve the alarm; so that the residents in a timely manner to learn the information to effectively prevent damage and damage.
3, air quality detector: can let the household more accurate understanding of the bedroom air is healthy, and can open the ventilation equipment to automatically optimize the adjustment of air quality.
4, infrared intrusion detectors installed in the edge of the door and window, play a security role. When fortification, infrared intrusion detector once induction to the intruder will immediately to the tenants to send alarm messages, and can be an audible and visual alarm device form a linkage, home security security.
5, smart home camera: daily household work busy, combination of remote monitoring and intelligent security, 24 hours uninterrupted households homesteads security protection; and household at work, during a business trip can also be readily see the remote real-time monitoring of the picture, understanding of the home for the elderly, children's situation.
Above is the today to share with you the content of the, the smart home to create comfortable living environment and economic life of the platform, to our life fun; and smart home by computer programming interface to match the lifestyle of the individual.

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