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Working principle of smart home

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With the advent of the 21st century, the modern family are in the pursuit of smart home can bring the diversification of information sharing and security, comfortable and convenient living environment. Of course, there are friends will ask smart home what are the advantages? Actually the advantages of smart home a lot, such as it can be 24 hours when fortification to protect home security, replacement different scene modes and so on; so what is the working principle of the below by the kaipule technology personnel for everybody introduction:


The so-called smart home is in residential, to electrical equipment as the main control object, and use the wiring, network technology and security technology to carry on the control, provide a more secure, smart and comfortable a comprehensive network platform.
Therefore simply the working principle of the smart home is wireless network technology and home each device connected to the terminal, and then use this terminal can realize intelligent operation; that is to say by various sensing devices accept various sensing signals and trigger control commands, or after people consciously remote control, manual trigger corresponding emission intelligent equipment to recover the control command.
And the use of wireless network, less affected by environment, component short period, cost is relatively low, the latter part of the maintenance and expansion are compared, in line with the requirements of modern smart home network communication. The commonly used wireless communication technology mainly includes infrared, Bluetooth, zwave, WiFi, CPRs, ZigBee and so on.
Above is the working principle of the smart home introduced, smart home allows users to have more convenient means to manage household equipment, such as through the home touch screen, wireless remote control, telephone, the Internet or voice recognition control household equipment, perform scene operation, so that a plurality of devices to form a linkage.

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