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Home burglar alarm how to choose?

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With the rising quality of life of residents, family property safety is more and more attention; due to the increase in social transformation and other factors of instability, people on every family with anti-theft alarm demand also in unceasing enhancement; but in the security market, home alarm system can be said to many brands, cohabitation, quality, price is also uneven tends to make the many consumers deceived; so what should be how to choose home burglar alarm?? below by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, select the wireless
In the market home burglar alarm is generally divided into wired and wireless, wired with stable communication, strong resistance to the external disturbance ability, characteristics of small investment, but poor flexibility, can not meet the changing needs of users and for has good decoration of the family is a very troublesome thing. However, the wireless can avoid similar to the above, it has a simple and flexible characteristics.
2, the operation is simple, easy to install  
In the family of applications, the operation of the object is the general public, does not have the professional skills and overly complex products will cause great inconvenience to the practical application of the user to. Therefore, users in the choice of home burglar alarm should choose to install, simple operation, can be self installation; does not have to be professional and technical personnel on-site installation.
3, pay attention to the practical application function  
For home security, mainly aims at is rogue and home safety hazards, such as gas leakage, burst pipes, etc., the limited scope of application; so the user in the purchase of home burglar alarm there is no need to choose products function is too complex, so as not to matter as its use, resulting in a waste of money itself.
4, support voice calls  
In home security, users just found, is not the solution to the problem, most cases still require help from outside force. Therefore, product selection has speech function is more advantageous to the fact that expression, improve the efficiency of the solution.
5, with the linkage alarm function  
In daily life there are unsafe factors exist, people most often have the idea that the alarm, and therefore, the user to buy the best products with linkage alarm function, can achieve local alarm and remote alarm.
6, with the national 3C mandatory certification  
Users to buy security products in order to improve the living environment of the security, so home burglar alarm of the safety performance parameters is critical, China also has a strict inspection checks: did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and not Shi China Compulsory Certification (CCC) signs of security technology prevention products are prohibited in the market for sale and use.
Above is the home burglar alarm selection skills. Now we all know?? because the home burglar alarm is usually by the alarm host machine and all kinds of defense detector and keyboard, remote control, such as a, so choose should according to the actual conditions of the family to choose.

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