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Family intelligent security monitoring system needs to have what function

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Now with the continuous change of the life, intelligent security products continue to increase, from infrared deployment to magnetism induction to the gas induction; and through the intelligent security monitoring system, however any special status can quickly response, and make appropriate treatment in a timely manner. Then installed in the family, the intelligent security monitoring system need to have that function below by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, automatic recording: intelligent security monitoring system connected to the home computer, when there is an alarm event occurs, automatically take pictures of outsiders.
2. Local alarm: when alarm occurs, the intelligent security monitoring system will automatically start the local sound and light alarm device, the deterrent effect.
3, interference free: tenants can in time of need set the bell free scrambling function, outsiders rang the doorbell, the room the bell does not ring so as not to disturb the residents; tenants can at home in any display (TV, computer, or even mobile phone display) watch visual doorbell and camera to outdoor images.
4, emergency assistance: households in the occurrence of emergency, such as elderly alone in physical discomfort or a child accidentally can not help themselves, can through in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even watch the emergency button to the outside world for help.
5, remote / fuzzy alarm: when an alarm situation, intelligent security monitoring system will give an alarm to the preset communication through the telephone line. Such as tenants of mobile phones, computers and so on. And when the household is held hostage by criminals to disarm, tenants can disarm criminals that cannot be perceived by the alarm.
6, monitor / remote monitoring: tenants can at any time through the visual intercom doorbell monitoring microphone outdoor sound; and headed in the intelligent security monitoring system, connected to a computer, tenants can by other computers and telephones in any place to watch home situation, such as child activity to determine whether the system false alarm.
Above is the home intelligent security monitoring system should have functions, with traditional monitoring the biggest difference is real-time analysis, tracking, judging whether a monitoring object, and real-time and initiative, is one of the the main features of the intelligent monitoring system.

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