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Zwave smart home and zigBee difference

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Zwave smart home is what is actually used in the smart home in a called zwave technology with low cost, characteristics of low power consumption, high reliability and so on, so they can that the smart home for zwave smart home; but also on the market also has a technology that can compare with it, called ZigBee technology; then the two have what distinction do below the kaipule technology personnel for everyone to explain:


1. Definition: zwave is a can make any node can directly or indirectly and communication range of other adjacent communication node of wireless communication technology, ZigBee is a short-range, low-power wireless communication technology, similar to that of CDMA and GSM networks; and ZigBee data transmission module is similar to a mobile network base station, mainly for short distance wireless connection.
2, features: zwave has low cost, low power consumption, high reliability, is suitable for network of short distance wireless communications. Working frequency band for 908.42MHz (USA) ~868.42MHz (Europe), the FSK (BFSK/GFSK) modulation mode and data transmission rate is 9.6 Kbps, the effective covering range of the signal in the indoor is 30m, outdoor can be more than 100m. 
ZigBee has the advantages of low complexity, low power consumption, low rate, low cost, high reliability, the characteristics of ad hoc network, over the horizon, the frequency of 868MHz, 915MHz or 2.4GHz, where 2.4GHz is a global ISM frequency.
3, field of use: zwave mainly for homes and small commercial buildings of the monitoring and control, widely used in lighting control, security and climate control, other applications include smoke detectors, door locks, security sensor, home appliances and remote control, can also for the smart meter data to provide household equipment energy consumption.
While zigBee is mainly used in home automation, intelligent energy, communications, medical, remote control (RF4CE, RF for consumer electronics), building automation and retail services, and can be embedded in various devices.
Above is zwave technology and ZigBee difference between the, use zwave technique does not suffer from the limitations of distance and reliability. Zwave can support the mesh network topology and the multipoint to multipoint connection can provide higher reliability and greater coverage, thus ensuring highly reliable transmission coverage throughout the home range.

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