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What are the advantages of smart home?

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In simple terms, smart home is with factitious center set up an intelligent control center, all switches are set up, according to the user's willingness to facilitate manipulation of household equipment; such as automatic bath, automatic cooking soup etc, in a word, is to use technology to make life become more concise and convenient; since so, then the smart home has what advantage? Below by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, safe and reliable: smart home can make the lives of the owners of more convenient and secure, it will sound, data and image entirely to digital technology processing. Each intelligent system can operate 24 hours, with the ability to cope with a variety of complex environmental changes, to ensure the safe use of the normal system, reliable quality, stable performance, no need to worry about the home security, property security, life safety.
2, netting the simple: a cable to the home network system can solve the, also on the basis of this platform can also integration and network type closed-circuit monitoring, prevent the neighboring, networked parking system share a line, and must not re wiring, so compared with the traditional analog bus cost is much lower. When a smart home to add more functions, do not have to re excavation of the network, can be directly added.
3, save money: humanization design, headed in the multiple computers on the Internet at the same time, just pay a broadband network and monthly fee you can. You can also use a DVD or computer to broadcast, all rooms can watch. Information panel, broadband network interface, on the telephone, computers can be used, so eliminating the need for common telephone line and panel part cost.
4, smart convenience: just need to be hands-on, all home appliances can easily control, control is rich and varied, including local control, remote control, centralized control, mobile phone remote control, inductive control, network control, timing control and so on, the purpose is to let people get rid of the tedious affairs, improve the efficiency.
5, various scenes: living room layout Co., sometimes entertain friends hold a party, go to see the film, home layout cannot meet the our various needs, installation of smart home can be a key switch indoor lights, music, video and other scenes, compared to go out gathering, in the privacy of a party and a higher degree of freedom, more interesting.
Above is the smart home advantage, now the society is so complicated, even in lived in the neighborhood are likely to be some danger, so the development of smart home is the inevitable trend, on the one hand, improve the safety factor, on the other hand also saves time.

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