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Smart home which means of communication

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Believe that we also know that smart home can not only improve the safety factor of the family, and on the other hand also saves time, enrich people's life; and with the smart home technology is becoming more and more mature, but also a wide range of smart home communication mode, the overall what?? below the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


First: Bus Technology

Between nodes selection RS485/CAN/FT and so on bus communication skills. Avoid the architecture and other factors, this kind of smart home system is anti-jamming ability is the strongest, most stable system. But the defect is also very significant, node communication need dedicated communication lines, installation and debugging the highest cost, especially the amendment.
Second: wireless technology
Wireless technology points for Bluetooth, WiFi, zwave, four kinds of ZigBee. Wireless technology can realize the remote control of home. Transmission rate fast, and low product cost, reduce the complex track layout. The biggest problem is security is very low, weak wireless stability, large power consumption and so on.
Third: power carrier technology
Between the node selection of original power line communication. Power line communication is originally a bus communication skills, only it is using the existing wires as a communications medium, unlike bus that need special communication bus. Its advantage is quite significant, and wireless same free wiring, and can bus as the same communication, and communication distance is greater than that of the wireless communication.

Above is the mainstream smart home communication way, through the introduction and comparison of the above, various kinds of communication technology have advantages and disadvantages; and for the advantages of smart home, see last time for everyone to share the "smart home has what advantage?" if do not understand the place, in the kaipule company official website message.

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