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Home burglar alarm what brand is good?

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Today, many families are in the home installed home burglar alarm, and buy the number is constantly increased, because we all know that the alarms can prevent thieves role; but in the face of the market many household anti-theft device brand, we do not know the purchase of what brand is good? This Xiaobian recommended kaipule brand, why? Below of kaipule, wireless IX32 ceiling roof type infrared intrusion detector to introduce its advantages:
Attracts the of kaipule, wireless IX32 top passive infrared intrusion detector is to adopt an energy accumulation logical processing, dynamic and stochastic time segmentation technology of digital micro processing control intrusion detector; the passive infrared part adopts precision spherical Fresnel lens, improve efficiency of received energy, high sensitivity, low false alarm rate. With the advanced technology of software patent can make it on real invaders, or is other may cause false positive interference factors, make accurate judgment.
IX32 wireless ceiling type passive infrared intrusion detector with high intrusion detection and false alarm prevention performance, the probe pulse number of optional, can completely be applied to a variety of indoor occasions, eliminate all sorts of common indoor detector can not overcome the false alarm, omission, performance far beyond the other ordinary infrared intrusion detector. Built in high capacity battery, unique power-saving mode, the battery usage time of up to three years, and to push the cover detachable, simple operation.
Now you know what brand of home burglar alarm?? at present, there are many kinds of home burglar alarm, such as doors and windows, anti-theft devices, telephone alarm system, infrared detector, infrared alarm, alarm at the scene, disconnection alarm and so on, we can according to the requirement of the self has to choose.
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