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Intelligent security applications

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As is known to all, the so-called intelligent security is intelligent security technology, mainly including the content and services, information technology, image transmission and storage, data storage and processing, and so on, if installed in the family, to guard against theft, fire, gas leakage, weatherproof and so on, then in addition to applied to the family, intelligent security can also used in what areas? The following by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:
1, the wisdom of the city
Intelligent security as a part of the wisdom of urban construction, not only to their own will with the wisdom of urban construction by leaps and bounds development and the wisdom of urban construction in other areas, such as intelligent building, intelligent transportation, smart home, will also be product security force field, intelligent security role in the wisdom of urban construction have: video surveillance, access control, burglar alarm, building intercom and so on.
2, the park area
From the point of view of the park type, division for park enterprises, logistics park, industrial park, with the expansion of the scale of the factory, the improvement of economic output, fire, explosion, theft cases occur frequently, so in order to improve plant safety, intelligent security and video surveillance system to get attention. Through the construction of intelligent security and video monitoring system, enterprises can strengthen monitoring of the personnel in and out of the perimeter protection system allows security personnel to be able to discover the perimeter intruder, prevent and reduce theft cases. Through of workshop, production line of video monitoring, managers can timely and intuitive understanding of the production and so on.
3, campus area
The integrated security system of campus in the maintenance of security in Colleges and universities have great effect. Intelligent security can not only on the school's important safety hidden danger zone for real-time monitoring, also can make up for lack of power to defend and to solve the problem of monitoring is not in place and so on. Intelligent security to secure the resources at the same time, but also to cooperate with the public security departments to combat crime, improve the detection probability. Intelligent security generally consists of a video surveillance, access control, vehicle management, radio intercom, loop management, visualization patrol, public radio and intercom systems business module.
In addition, intelligent security can also be used in the field of exhibition hall, finance and so on; of course the in use process, but also need to know how intelligent security system of equipment maintenance skills, otherwise it will affect the function of normal play.
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