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How to install home burglar alarm

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As we all know, home burglar alarm is surrounding the housing tenants, space, environment and people of the whole door security system with all kinds of functions of the detector, so its composition with intrusion detector, anti-theft alarm controller and alarm center. Now more and more families in order to ensure that the property and personal safety to use anti-theft alarm, but many electrical appliances to buy easily, practical operation is difficult, if not installed correctly will influence the function, then the how to install it below the kaipule technology personnel for everyone introduced Installation Tips:
1, select the installation location
Home burglar alarm installation location is correct or not, will affect the practical effect of anti-theft alarm, so the installation location is the first, when installing the anti-theft alarm, the host must installed in a power line, telephone line, so you can convenient host power supply and transmission police intelligence information, avoid unnecessary cable wiring. Burglar alarm belongs to transmit high-frequency electronic products, easy to be everybody electric magnetic interference, so installation best to stay away from everyone appliances.

2, the installation location must be hidden
Installation of anti-theft alarm location is very important, especially the installation position of concealment. If exposed in the striking position, it is easy to be "technical thief easily crack, anti-theft alarm not to any role, so attention should be paid to the anti-theft alarm device with concealed installation way, not to the perpetrators left destruction goals and create reverse alarm conditions.
3, select the pipeline 
Home in many cases, in order to save costs and customers to treat the requirements of pipeline always "careless", do not attach too much importance, this will buried deeper security risks, many skilled thieves will chose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the anti-theft alarm failure. So avoid the use of PVC pipe or tank door anti-theft alarm, but should choose galvanized steel pipe, because of the hardness of galvanized steel pipe, relatively speaking, will not be damaged easily.
Above is the installation home burglar alarm, and now we have learned it. Also some friends don't know how to choose home burglar alarm? Actually very simple: the first is to choose wireless, second to support voice calls and linkage alarm function, the third to simple single and easy to install.
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