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Zwave smart home is what?

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Common ground says, smart home is the integration of automation control system, computer network system, and network communication technology in the integration of network intelligent home control system, compared with ordinary household, intelligent home not only has the traditional functions of living, provide a safe and comfortable, high-grade and pleasant family living space. The most recent in the market appeared a called zwave smart home, what is this home? Below by the kaipule technology personnel for everybody introduction:


In fact zwave is an emerging based on radio frequency, low cost, low power consumption, high reliability, network suitable for short distance wireless communication technology, as in the original design, zwave is for in the field of intelligent home, so it can be called zwave of smart home.
Zwave working frequency band 908.42MHz (USA) ~868.42MHz (in Europe), using FSK (BFSK/GFSK) modulation mode and data transmission rate is 9.6 Kbps, the effective covering range of the signal in the indoor is 30m, outdoor can be more than 100m; and zwave can convert any independent equipment for intelligent network equipment, which can realize the wireless monitoring and control.
Above is introduced zwave smart home. With the increase of the communication distance, the complexity of the equipment, power consumption and system cost are in the increase, compared to other wireless technology zwave with the same kind of, have relatively low transmission frequency, relatively far transmission distance and certain price advantage.

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