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Equipment maintenance skills of intelligent security system

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Believe that we all know, intelligent security system, is refers to through the computer, mobile phones and other mobile terminal control home appliances run or stop, but also to prevent home, theft, fire or gas leak all dangerous accident system and composition of the equipment, such as intelligent door lock, alarm host; but if not properly maintain these devices may influence of intelligent security system operation, then in daily life, how to maintain it below by the kaipule technology personnel for you about:


1, every second quarter were a equipment of dust removal, cleaning, sweep the dust exposure of net monitoring equipment, on camera, a protective cover component to remove completely blowing dust, with anhydrous alcohol cotton to clean the lens, adjust the sharpness to prevent due to the operation of the machine, electrostatic and other factors will be dust suction in the body of equipment monitoring, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Also check the monitoring room ventilation, cooling, dust cleaning, power supply and other facilities.
2, according to the instructions on the use of intelligent security system of each device, every two quarters in detection and its quality of the technical parameters and monitoring system for transmission line, fault processing, assist supervisor to monitor is configured to use a level of data, and ensure that the functions of each part of the equipment good, can run normally.
3, easy to aging security monitoring components of each quarter a for a comprehensive inspection, once found aging phenomenon should be timely replacement and maintenance, such as video head, spotlights and other; and the operation situation of intelligent security systems and equipment monitoring, operation analysis, detect and eliminate faults
4, security monitoring equipment to work long hours for each of the two quarter regular maintenance time, such as monitoring the host for a long time will produce more heat. Once there is a fault of the electric fan, will affect exhaust heat to avoid monitoring host is not normal.
5, according to the user's intelligent security system often appear in the case or may occur in a timely manner to put forward routine maintenance and daily use recommendations.
Above is the intelligent security system of equipment maintenance skills, the security industry in China is developing very quickly, is also popular, but the traditional security dependence on relatively strong, labor intensive, and intelligent security can achieved through machine intelligent judgment, to as much as possible to achieve what one wants to do, so the intelligent security system is the ideal choice for home.

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