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Intelligent home control system which controls the way

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With the accelerated pace of life, more and more intelligent items, thus to our life brought a lot of convenience and safety, smart home products especially is in the majority, and will these smart products integrated into a complete set of system is the smart home system and smart home system is the core of the smart home control system; then the smart home control system which control mode can be adopted for the it below the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, local network switch control mode
All lights and appliances can use network switch on the wall of the local switch control; not only to achieve the intelligent, taking into account the most people in the wall for switch habits. This can avoid high current and high temperature mutation of filament impact, lighting protection and prolong service life; either by remote control or local switch with adjustable light and switch network to memory set brightness and turn on the lights when the next automatic recovery.
2, remote control mode
Liuhe is a multifunctional remote controller set six remote control function in a body, first of all, it is a wireless remote control can control the lighting, curtains, air conditioning system and so on. At the same time it is also a infrared remote control, built many brands of TV, audio, VCD and IR control instruction set, can also have two kinds of infrared remote control function.
3, programmable timing control
Timing controller can program against the fixed event, for example, a timing switch curtains, timing switch of water heater and so on, TV, audio, lighting, and feed the pets such as can be set to control. Timing controller itself is a 8 bit centralized controller, put in the cabinet of the head of a bed, as long as the plug is inserted in the 220V power supply socket, control home with all the lights on the bed, appliances and curtains, and so on, but also the dimming function; while there is still time to display and alarm clock function.
4, centralized control mode
The use of a centralized controller, do not have special wiring, as long as the plug is inserted in the 220V power supply socket, control home all lights and electrical appliances, usually placed at the head of a bed and a living room. Room can be different at home have a centralized controller. Lying on the bed, you can control the bedroom curtains, lighting, sound and family appliances.
In addition and mobile phone control method, computer control and so on. Smart home control system without changing any home appliances, home appliances, lighting, power supply, family environment were easy to control, make people enjoy the high-tech brings Jane and fashion of modern life.

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