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Intelligent security system should be how to wiring

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As is known to all, intelligent security system is set of illegal intrusion alarm, alarm information received, remote video monitoring of various human nature of powerful security system, can greatly reduce the potential danger of each node in the system, to ensure the safety of people. But with the rise of the intelligent security system, routing problem is becoming more and more serious; then in intelligent security system wiring problems, we the how to deal with it? The following by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:
In the design of integrated wiring, want to consider to the living room all locations that need to install a telephone, network, home appliances, cable television and video and audio interface, lighting control and the security interface layout (Menci, gas leak, smoke alarm, microwave infrared detection and alarm, visual non visual intercom, network monitoring, remote control of household electrical appliances, etc.). Specific divided into the following several aspects:

1, design configuration of the following subsystems: family local area network and broadband network, telephone communication system, home office system, video intercom doorbell system, intelligent lighting control, home security system, home entertainment system. Interface requirements for broadband network, telephone, computer can general. Home computers can go online at the same time and share a broadband network can also be broadcast all rooms can watch a DVD or computer.
2, and community with installation of intelligent subsystems: community alarm, home alarm interface), three tables copied, property management, residential broadband services system. To achieve the integration of intelligent residence and perfect. For a better understanding of the products of each subsystem of the user can advance choose family control of the host.
3. Select other intelligent security equipment installation according to the individual needs: such as wireless magnetometer detector, carbon monoxide alarm, intelligent safety socket, intelligent wireless remote control products.
Above is the intelligent security system wiring skills, in the implementation of intelligent security system integrated wiring in the process, the construction method of and wires buried hidden project similar; select the information points and cable, be sure to set aside enough bearing capacity; and all the lines should casing, different types of lines is strictly prohibited common pipeline, power equipment cloth put to strictly in accordance with the relevant electrical specifications.
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