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Intelligent security system how to install?

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Now with the development of science and technology, intelligent security system, to people's daily life brought great convenience, and the installation of a set of intelligent security system, the cheapest can be thousands of pieces, of course, if you want some good, the price will be a little higher, according to their own actual situation to choose. So after the purchase of the intelligent security system, how to install it below the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, no dead angle installation
If in the villa to install intelligent security system, there are some of the dead must pay attention to, such as villas surrounding and courtyard of a small corner, flowers; because the dead easy to criminals leave space, so in the installation of security system, the best hierarchical installation, this can coverage to every corner of the world, including home cabinets and corner.
2, the installation of security products
Intelligent security system including many types of products, there are specialized for villas some security system, for example, courtyard and door belongs to the first line of defense in the security system and therefore must be installed infra-red monitoring. The second line of defense is to come into the house, this time need to choose is panoramic camera, 360 degrees without dead angle of the observed all over the house and outside some convenient. And indoor room using the best is a small camera, so as not to affect the owner's life.
3, client software installation
User monitoring client software, available through the Internet real-time watch video remote monitoring. Monitoring client software can be installed on computers and smartphones, so as to realize the mobile phone, iPad, WiFi in the whole management house security, household, very humane.
Above is the installation of intelligent security system introduced, intelligent security system is the most important smart home control sub system of, processing capacity of the main controller can be processing the smart home control all or most of the system demand, if install other subsystem can in front of the upgrade.

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