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Intelligent home security products to buy points

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Believe that we all know, compared with traditional security, intelligent security superiority is very obvious; from the perspective of the security, smart home security system can realize home security of alarm level deployment, so as to prevent home, theft, fire or gas leakage of leakage all dangerous accident. Then how to choose the smart home security products?? below by the kaipule technology personnel tell us:


First, access control system
Now the district are generally in the corridor to install a talkback system, which should be regarded as the first line of defense in home security. Lock count is a second line of defense in home security, is also one of the most important line of defense, so choose a convenient, safe, stable, universal, intelligent, fashionable lock is crucial. Commonly used basic functions as:
(1) can be for many people to open the fingerprint, you can open the door open; also can freely add or add to open the door;
(2) can have the function of query and record, and appropriate with point password function;
(3) must be equipped with a mechanical key, which is a way to open the door, like aircraft, although the car has automatic control, but still retains the manual control of the same, which is a safety consideration.
Two, monitoring system
In the purchase of monitoring and control system, each need according to their own needs to research the different monitoring system. We before determining the matching products should determine their prevention requirements, understanding the related product knowledge, according to the actual situation to determine product support programs. When the condition is best to draw simple products supporting and installation plan, lists the installation position of each product, installation, accessories, to avoid the installation of short, the installation of the situation.
Three, anti-theft alarm system
And intelligent home security and alarm system to the very important role, home burglar alarm system usually by the detector (alarm) carbon monoxide alarm, transmission channel and alarm controller of three parts. Usually case, home burglar alarm system using the gateway or host, through wireless or wired connection, various types of detectors, achieve the anti-theft alarm function. Network or fixed telephone lines are connected to a host, such as alarm, in accordance with the customer set terminal or telephone number dialing alarm.
Above is the intelligent home security products optional elements of the, you know?. in a word, home installed smart home security system, whenever where, we can through mobile devices to view in the home, and remote control of home electrical equipments.
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