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The advantages of intelligent security monitoring system

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Intelligent security monitoring system is refers to with digital network as the transmission medium, network video server as the core. Comprehensive use of digital video processing technology, automatic control, network transmission technology and artificial intelligence technology, not only ordinary security monitoring system of fast video processing capabilities, the anti-jamming ability of the digital information, easy to fast query logs and other advantages, and relying on the network, play the advantages brought by the broadband network, through the IP network, the video monitoring center and any point of the network connections are interconnected with, achieve the ideal of a closed circuit monitoring system of remote, and real-time performance.

The advantages of intelligent security monitoring system:
1, security: intelligent security system can be a stranger invasion, gas leak, fire and other situations in advance to find and notify the owner, so as to take measures to control the scene.
2, it\'s simple: the operation is simple can by remote control or the door controller defending or disarm. Even to go out in the outside, also need not worry about home had been stolen.
3, the utility: video surveillance system can rely on the installation of outdoor cameras can effectively prevent the thief further action, and can also provide evidence to the police in the event of evidence.
Above is the today to share with you the content of the, with the rapid development of China\'s economy, population increase, society has given us life brought many security risks, so to protect the area of security, we must have their own intelligent security monitoring system and intelligent security has become the current development trend.
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