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Main functions of intelligent security monitoring and control system

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Now intelligent security monitoring system is by digital and networked gradually intelligent, not only can let people anywhere monitoring home of the actual situation, but also for the user to bring the best quality of life, let people life is full of fun. So, everyone on the intelligent anti function of the monitoring system is to understand it? Following by kaipule technology personnel to introduce it:


1, remote real-time monitoring  
Users can use the monitoring client software to watch the remote monitoring video in real time, and the client software can be installed on the computer and the smart phone.
2, remote alarm and remote withdrawal
Intelligent security monitoring system in wireless camera to get within ten meters of images, the video features can be analyzed in the first time the alarm information sent to the user's mobile phone and client software. The user using computer or mobile phone client software, remote party and of monitoring sites were and Chefang security management.
3, network storage image
Intelligent security monitoring system can be saved through the network video surveillance. With no warning or a garrison state can be set according to time interval timing on a network drive to save place surveillance video; alarm condition can continuously in a network drive to save the image in until the lifting of alarm to stop. The user can always watch the surveillance video playback by the client software.
4, mobile interactive monitoring function
Mobile phone is a monitoring tool for mobility is the strongest, smart phones can be a powerful monitoring client software installation, and ordinary non smart phones can use mobile phone browser to easily view the real-time and historical monitoring image. When an alarm occurs, the phone will receive SMS with monitoring image links, users can directly open in a text message image monitoring.

Above is the main function of the intelligent security monitoring system is introduced in this paper. In order to form a complete intelligent security monitoring system also need to a variety of equipment, want to know what equipment of friends, can view the last time to introduce the "intelligent security monitoring system equipment part"; if there is not understand the place, can leave a message in the kaipule company's official website.
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