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Intelligent home control system should have what performance?

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With the development of the times, more and more intelligent products and bring them a better experience. But to realize intelligent life. There are also intelligent system. Intelligent home control system is to system as a platform and object of household appliances, such as the intelligent control, let people at home can enjoy a safer, more comfortable, more convenient life. So in the face of smart home control system solutions, intelligent home control system should have what performance?? below by the kaipule technology personnel for you about:


1, many to many control. Intelligent home control system must be exactly the same control function can be realized in any one place, such as in the living room and master bedroom can achieve exactly the same control function.
2, high expansibility. Due to the demand of intelligent home appliances each smart home is not the same, so the requirements of smart home control system can according to the needs of the family random module of combination of all kinds of home appliances, and realize the intelligent system and hardware seamlessly.
3, independent software to hardware. Smart appliances communication protocol and the way is multifarious, have not formed a unified standard, so the smart home control system must be shielded by relevant technical measures out diagnosis some differences can achieve efficient building intelligent system.
4 can be customized. Smart home control system for the customer is an individual, so the software platform of the system especially man-machine communication that a block must be highly customizable, secondary developers can customize personalized, different styles of smart home appliances management control platform.
Above is the intelligent home control system performance is introduced, and the basic functions of the intelligent home control system including electrical appliances intelligent control, intelligent lighting, intelligent remote control electric curtain, anti-theft alarm, access control intercom, fire alarm, gas leak detection and remote meter reading system (water, electricity, gas), network communication, such as video on demand system.
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