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Intelligent home control system commonly used which scenes

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Generally speaking, intelligent home control system is to smart home system as a platform, home appliances and home appliance equipment as the main control object, and synthesis of several techniques to build the control and management system to improve the smart home, safety, convenience and comfort advantages, but also to customize the scene mode; then possible for smart home control system commonly used what scene it below by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


The first kind: go home
Intelligent home control system coordination of the room lighting effects. When coming back home in the evening, in the entry area of the control panel input the correct password undo security state, living room, dining room lights and corridor lamp automatic light. At the same time start the coffee pot, water heater, and adjust the air temperature, after your locker, you can drink a cup of delicious coffee at a comfortable temperature, and then ran a hot water bath.
Second: Dinner
Time for dinner, just by clicking the touch screen icon for dinner, intelligent home control system will provide you off the living room of the main lights, open the dark light, and corridor, the brightness of the bedroom and bathroom lights to 30%, in order to save energy. At the same time, all room curtains, blinds will close. And in the dining room, turn off the dark light source, main light tune is 50%, to create a comfortable dining environment.
Third: Entertainment 
Network news began, just by clicking the touch screen entertainment icons, intelligent home control system will bring you to the entertainment time: off the main living room lamp, spotlight around regulation for 30% brightness, television curtain down, start the television to the central a news broadcast. The performance began, can also be news broadcast video signal is sent to a speaker is installed, the TV or monitor room.
Fourth kinds: rest  
Late at night, the bed, just tap the touch screen the rest icon, will be able to turn off all the lights, Enron sleep. With light all closed, intelligent home control system will be your home set to night security state: all the door / window magnetic sensor, the curtain transmission sensor, have entered the work state, restaurants, living room infrared motion detector also entered the security state. At this time, in addition to the bedroom and bathroom, other areas once human activities, or gate, the window is opened will start smart home alarm system.
Fifth: get up
Early in the morning, my alarm clock rang, want to wake up. Just on the touch screen click morning icon to switch off the electronic alarm clock, turn on the TV to the morning news, in the wash, eat and know the weather and traffic information. Notify the smart home control system, start the coffee pot, electric rice fort and other kitchen appliances, ready for breakfast.
Above is the today to share knowledge, a set of perfect smart home control system is consists of two parts, the core, the command transmitter system and command system, command transmitting system is through a variety of transmission equipment to issue commands, and command execution system is to convey the above command to perform the task.
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