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Kempler 2016 Germany Essen international security products exhibition notice

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Exhibition time: 2016-09
Exhibition cycle: two years
Holding area: Europe - Germany - Essen
Exhibition industry: Security / labor / Public Security Project

1, safety equipment, central monitoring equipment, CCTV monitoring equipment, access control system,
2, mechanical safety system, building fire prevention, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system,
3, special safety vehicles, personal protective equipment, protective clothing, shoes and overalls,
4, special clothing, crime warning equipment, monitoring patrol equipment, anti-terrorism disaster prevention equipment,
5, disaster measurement equipment, security services and so on.

Exhibition introduction
Germany, Essen security exhibition since 1974 has been successfully held twenty sessions, the exhibition organizers for the exhibition company in Essen, Germany, is the largest European security category is also the most influential exhibition.
Last exhibition net exhibition area of nearly 70000 square meters, divided into 10 Museum. From 38 countries in 1078 enterprises participated in the exhibition, trade audience reach 41230 people, respectively, from 113 countries and regions. The exhibition about 46% of the audience for international buyers, mainly from the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The number of international exhibitors reached 496, compared to the same period last year show increased 3%, exhibitors manufacturers in addition to display various products and services, all the leading in the industry will also published the latest safety technology and safety protection design, to prevent crime and fire.
Exhibitors and professional audience of international proportion again confirmed the importance of this exhibition in the world security exhibition. More important is, professional audience has a very high proportion of decision-making power, about 82% of the professional audience with their corporate procurement related matters, in the exposition on the direct orders of the professional audience ratio is up to 25%, exhibitors to the audience of the current professional\'s overall quality and achieved by the fair trade clinch a deal the effect expressed satisfaction, more than 95% of the exhibitors on the show after the transaction more to look forward to.

Last review
Exhibition area: 70000 square meters
The number of exhibitors: 1078 exhibitors, from 38 countries, including 582 domestic exhibitors, 496 international exhibitors.
Audience number: 41230
China Pavilion data: 142 exhibitors from Hongkong, Chinese mainland, and Taiwan area.

Market analysis
German Federal autonomous system, the state no unified security administrative agencies, security work were managed separately by each autonomous prefecture police department, a total of 16 Autonomous Prefecture police departments are equipped with specialized agencies of the security management. German police according to the dynamic security of banks, museum, airports and public building safety were evaluated and these places anti technology facilities in accordance with the requirements of the safety risk level and the relevant standards. The German security technology is very advanced, mainly in high intelligence and high integration.
For example, security Munich Flanz Josef Stlauss International Airport is through the central management system of the perimeter protection system, security proof system, integrated entrance control system and closed circuit television monitoring system of 15 security systems, and intelligent management, improve the airport security departments and police departments to prevent emergencies and emergencies quickly ability to respond. Germany nearly 4000 security Service Corporation, 2011 turnover of about 4 billion 800 million euros, therefore, they accounted for the entire German security industry sales volume of 11 billion euros 44%.. Germany has no specific legislation for the security industry, but the security standard is perfect, including security product standards and technical specifications. The security alarm system only standard the German standard is 41, in the world, especially in Europe.

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