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Analysis on development trend of intelligent community security system

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With the development of China's economy, people for the quality of life have greatly changed, especially the demand for living space and the surrounding environment is changed from quantity to quality; as intelligent community security system is generated in this context. It can do what people want to do, such as just gently press, do not have to walk around to close all electrical power. Now security system of Intelligent Community positive digital, intelligent, networked development, in particular how below by the kaipule technology personnel tell you:


1, digital: with the development of embedded system and intelligent control technology, intelligent security system has the simulation of control system for digital monitoring system, the realization of the of all kinds of resources and information digital. The development direction is the image detection as a primary means to prevent alarm, by pattern recognition technology in the system with feature recognition and detection function, so as to effectively judge all kinds of illegal intrusion and fire acousto-optic alarm and reduce the false alarm rate.
2. Network: network is the key of intelligent security system, it is provide the basis for high quality and high reliability of the security services. The network is mainly reflected in three aspects: security equipment between all kinds of security and information sharing; and other intelligent community system to realize the information sharing and the transmission of; through public access network, timely to the outside world provide all kinds of security information, to form the hierarchical network structure, to achieve better social, community and family level 3 prevention mechanism, to achieve the set monitoring prevention, information management and control in one of the security services, but also greatly improve the reliability and real-time performance of the system.
3: intelligent security system of intelligent community requires not only fast reflected in the current environment, but also need to take the initiative to judge all kinds of environmental changes, and other collaborative system to control treatment. The mainly in the intelligent alarm processing and pattern recognition based on detection. When an alarm processing equipment the system detects the danger, can be installed through the indoor alarm controller has to quickly alarm signal processing; pattern recognition detection through biological recognition and feature recognition technology based on photoelectric detection technology, make full use of all kinds of illegal intrusion recognition and danger, simultaneously with other auxiliary means, so as to reduce the false alarm rate.
Above is the today to share with you the content of the and the birth of the intelligent security system can not only realize the intelligent electronic appliances, intelligent lighting, intelligent curtain control, convenient life, improves the quality, but also to achieve all-weather three-dimensional security monitoring, for tenants to constructing the security system, to protect the family's life and property safety.
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